Let's Get Started
Q:  How do we begin?   A:  Just give me a call or email me with your ideas... Or if you have no idea at all - that's fine too! Does your little girl now want a “Big Girl” room? Does your little boy want to sail the seas? How about a forest adventure or sports fan’s dream?  Do you have one of those intimidating bare walls in your living or dining room that you have no idea what to do with? How about a subtle pattern or custom family quote?  I can work with any specific idea you have in mind… or if you don’t we’ll collaborate together until we have the best plan. You are welcome to send me digital photos of the space and any images from the web (Pinterest / Etsy / bedding / catalog /etc.) that portray your idea!
Q:  What's the next step?   A:  When you are ready to commit, we will plan our consultation visit to discuss the space and have some fun playing around with options.  There we will have the opportunity to talk about your ideas and specific requests.   Whether you know exactly what you want or if you are struggling with finding or narrowing down a theme.  After the visit, I can come up with some “sketches” based on the ideas you we collaborated on and give you an estimate.
Q:  What do I need to do?   A:  If you want a different color on the walls in the room as a base coat before I paint the murals, I have a great painting company I've teamed up with to help. I bring all the floor and furniture coverings needed with me.
Q:  What are your fees?   A:  My rate is $500/day with a 1 day minimum.  A deposit of half will be due upon the consultation visit.  Other, non-mural, miscellaneous projects are priced per project - contact me to discuss.
Q:  How long will it take?  Do I need to be there?   A:  Murals and patterns can take one day or several depending on exactly how much wall space we are going to cover, the level of detail in the design of the work and how quickly you need it done.  You do not need to be home the entire time I'm working.  If you have errands or things to do I'm comfortable with going solo.   Some examples (from set-up to clean-up):

Glossy Polka Dots - 2 days

Baby James’ Twins - 3 days

Winnie the Pooh - 1 day

Little Forest Dreams - 2 days

Large Cardinals logo or Mizzou logo - 1 day

Interior Playhouse - 4 days

  Q: How permanent are your murals?   A: I use high quality acrylics along with egg-shell (or glossier) finishes to make for easy clean-up.  Your mural should provide years of happiness! I am available for touch-ups, however, if a wall gets damaged!  When you are ready for a change, a simple sanding of the edges and a coat of primer will do the trick.